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~Caw Fell~

A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

AW "Caw Fell, like many of us who lack a good shape and attrative features, objects to having his picutre taken and it is not at all co-operative as a subject for illustration."

Caw Fell

Caw Fell Summit

Wainwright spent a lot of time on and around Caw Fell and wrote a lot of words in his chapter. It's well worth a read, you'll learn about Sampson's Bratfull and the rest of the antiquities of Stockdale Moor.

Iron Crag

Iron Crag

Caw Fell is very expansive and a long way from anywhere with a roof on. In all 12 pages of AW's chapter, Iron Crag (above) gets mentioned just twice - once as a feature on the map and once in the view. I find it a little odd that such a prominent fell should receive so little attention from the author.

Caw Fell

The Wall "Ennerdale Fence" on Caw Fell

Hadrian would be quite proud of this one. A fine structure leading all the way from Red Beck, Ennerdale to Haycock and Scoat Fell. Here you can see the walkers on Neil Haselwood's "214" walk of September 4th 2010.

Of the summit, AW: "...Sharp eyes will discern fragments of an aeroplane on both sides of the wall west of the summit cairn; otherwise there are no items of interest and very little to warrant a prolonged halt." My eyes were not sharp enough; peace and quiet itself will warrant an extended stay, if ever you get the chance.

Where: Western Fells. It's between Ennerdale Water and Wastwater.

Height: 2288ft

Suggested Route: The "Ascent from Ennerdale" as described on Caw Fell 10, park your car at Bowness Knott car park. Please drive slowly along the lanes from Ennerdale Bridge, if approaching from that way.

My Frequency: Twice.

Whilst You're There: Haycock and Scoat Fell, or why not give Iron Crag a look in.

Rained off? Simply walk around Ennerdale Water - delightful!

Someone Else's View: David Hall's"Walk the Lakes" website. David was on the walk on the one time I reached the summit, so here is an account from a different day.

Walk Dates: with links to Reports (on this website) where applicable:

07/05/16 04/09/10

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