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~Base Brown~

A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

Almost a forgotten fell on many people's lists. Quite often, I think, it will be climbed towards the end of a Wainwright Round. It's on its own, unless you use it as a springboard for the Gables.

Base Brown

Base Brown from Glaramara

I like Base Brown, if you allow both Taylorgill Force and Sour Milk Gill to belong to the fell, it's got two great waterfalls in its portfolio.

Taylorgill Force

Taylorgill Force

AW: "The attention of intrepid and well-insured explorers is drawn to the remarkable cleft vertically splitting the crag"

Base Brown

Base Brown Gullies

I've been up there, once, and I strongly recommend that others do not bother. It is steep and loose, very dangerous in places. I've also been up from Sour Milk Gill and then directly up the edge of Base Brown, seeing the "Hanging Stone" and the perched boulder.

Base Brown

Base Brown Summit

AW: "The summit is out of character, being a broad grassy expanse with no suggestion of the rough craggy slopes that support it." Base Brown is worth including on a walk to Green and Great Gable, starting at Seathwaite and going up Sour Milk Gill, it's more exciting than Gillercomb.

Where: Western Fells. A prominent fell on the north side of the upper Borrowdale valley, leading to Grains Gill.

Height: 2120ft

Suggested Route: Ascent from Seathwaite as found in AW's chapter Base Brown 6. Have a play on the Seathwaite Slabs whilst in the area.

My Frequency: Five times.

Whilst You're There: Green Gable would be the minimum add-on.

Someone Else's View: Loweswatercam Roger and Ann Hiley's website, a very interesting acount of their walk in July 2010.

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