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~Allen Crags~

A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

Allen Crags is (are?) most frequently visited en route to/from Glaramara. It's greatest virtue is perhaps as a viewpoint for all around. It's summit is very stony, quite a feature of many of the fells in this area.

Allen Crags

Allen Crags Summit

AW: "..did anyone, apart from an odd guide-book writer or other eccentric, ever set forth from Wasdale or Borrowdale or Langdale with the sole unswerving purpose of climbing Allen Crags?" Fair point, I've visited the summit four times and on three occasions it's been to or from Glaramara. And once from Esk Hause on a route over Bowfell to Great End and back down into Mickleden.

Allen Crags

High House Tarn

The ridge route to/from Glaramara is a great walk and is packed with interest, mainly tarns, but also little summits and rocky outcrops. I've named the above photo as High House Tarn, but it could be one of the others, I need to go back and pay more attention.

Allen Crags

Glaramara from Allen Crags

That's the ridge I was referring to. I'd like to include a photo from Great End, but the only times I've been on Great End were in the pre-digital camera age and I've nothing to offer in that regard. But I can show you a look up to Allen Crags on a cold day.

Allen Crags

That's Allen Crags on the horizon (left), Sprinkling Tarn is frozen and a mist is heading up Ruddy Gill.

Molly Allen Crags

Molly on top of Allen Crags

Where: Southern Fells. On the "greater" Scafell Ridge, close to Esk Hause and very much attached to Glaramara.

Height: 2572ft

Suggested Route: Here's one I've done. Climb Base Brown from Seathwaite, visit Green & Great Gable, descend to Styhead and then follow the path to Esk Hause before turning left (north) for Allen Crags. I went on to Glaramara before descending back to Borrowdale, but you could complete a long round with a visit to Rosthwaite Fell.

My Frequency: Five times.

Whilst You're There: Glaramara.

Walk Dates: with links to Reports (on this website) where applicable:

01/09/17 13/01/12 03/07/10 27/09/08 10/06/06

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