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About Summiteer

~Far Eastern Easter~

11th April 2009

I fear the hoardes at holiday time and this was no exception. It was Easter and I needed a crowd-avoidance plan. I came up with a walk from Pooley Bridge and up onto some Far Eastern Fells....

Arthur's Pike Wainwright Fell

Ullswater from Arthur's Pike

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk

Mazda MX-5

A Brew for Starters

Having suffered the shock of paying to park here at Dunmallard car park, I decided to make a brew before setting off for the fells. I often take the camping stove with me for just this purpose.

Arthur's Pike Wainwright Fell

Arthur's Pike

Very, very quiet. I'm writing this webpage 8 month's after the walk, but I seem to recall a good three hours before having to doff my cap. This is fellwalking par excellence.

Meadow Pipit Bird

Meadow Pipit

Hallin Fell Wainright Fell

Hallin Fell

Bonscale Pike Wainwright Fell

Pillars on Bonscale Pike

The pillars are the result of the 1932 Pro-Am pillar construction competition. The higher effort by the amateurs is shoddy compared with the fine effort lower down. *

Loadpot Hill Wainwright Fell Summit

Loadpot Hill Summit

It was just after this moment that I met the first other walker on my route, three hours of wonderful peace and quiet.

Loadpot Hill

Towards Wether Hill

Ahead lies one of those rather easy target for fellbaggers. How can you justify "climbing" another fell when it is so close and of just 9ft greater altitude. I have not climbed Wether Hill, but I have visited the summit.

The Nab from Wether Hill

The Nab from Wether Hill

Dining Room on Wether Hill

Dining Room

I took lunch at this establishment. I selected pork sandwiches with a hint of apple and for afters, a piece of coffee cake. The ambience was condusive to quiet contemplation. Service was quick and I was seated alone in one of the corners, which was to my liking. It gave me time to look at the maps.

Steel Knotts Wainwright Fell

Steel Knotts Ridge

Steel Knotts is one of those special fells whose summit has a different name to the mountain itself. The top is called Pikeawassa, which looks to me as though someone had a mish-mash of Scrabble letters and added them to Pike in a game of "Mountain Scrabble" and claimed victory as they hit the Trebble Word Score.

Lanty Tarn

Lanty Tarn

On the way down on a lovely Spring day, I have had a great walk and look forward to the treat of a boat journey from Howton to Pooley Bridge, justifed reward for the effort put in so far.

Howtown Pier

Crowds on the Pier

Oh No! The woodwork is sagging and I'm not going to wait to see if they can fit me on. So its tarmac back to Pooley Bridge, the monotony of the march eased by the tunes available from my iPod. "But I would walk 500 miles / And I would walk 500 more...."

Walkers: Just the Summiteer

Time taken: 6hrs 30 minutes over about 12 miles.

Route: Dunmallard car park, Roehead, Arthur's Pike, Bonscale Pike, Loadpot Hill, Wether Hill, Steel Knotts, Howtown Pier, road back to Pooley Bridge.

Weather and conditions: Fantastic.

Greetings Count: Very low, 3 hrs to the first nod and very few thereafter.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Cuppas before and after the walk at The Ratmobile

* This is not strictly true, see AW Book 2 Bonscale Pike 3