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~Brock Crags~

13th September 2009

I arrived in the Lake District on a Sunday afternoon, which is quite unusual for me. I reported to Gillside campsite which was rather soft after August's rain. Once pitched I packed my rucksac and headed off towards Brock Crags, but not before meeting friends in Glenridding, see "Refreshment Review" later....


Ullswater Umbrellas

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk

Hartsop Dodd

Hartsop Dodd

I walked from Glenridding to Side Farm and then turned right to follow the footpath to Calf Close and as I climbed up through the woods, this view of Hartsop Dodd appeared.



Gray Crag

Gray Crag

Hayeswater is in the shade of Gray Crag and Pasture Beck is under the shadow of Hartsop Dodd.

Brock Crags Summit

Brock Crags Summit

Brock Crags Angle Tarn Mountain

Angle Tarn in the late afternoon sun

Brock Crags and Angle Tarn

Brock Crags and Angle Tarn

My second visit this year to Angle Tarn and Angletarn Pikes. Time well spent.

Ullswater Place Fell

Place Fell

Boredale Horse

The Boredale Horse

My descent brought me to Boredale Hause where upon I came across this horse. Tame and docile, he allowed me to stroke his nose. Not really sure if he belonged on the fell or had wandered from somewhere else. After this it was back down to Side Farm and on to Glenridding.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 4hrs, distance - well, what do you think? 6 miles?

Route: Gillside, Glenridding, Side Farm, Calf Close, Brock Crags, Angle Tarn, Boredale Hause, Side Farm, Glenridding, Gillside.

Weather and conditions: Pleasantly warm, cooling off later.

Greetings Count: Very Low, nobody on the fells. A few walkers on the lower reaches.

Richard's Refreshment Review: I enjoyed a cuppa before the walk this time. I met John Paterson and Jo Hall at the Grey Stones Cafe and we exchanged pleasantries, just as you might imagine. The tea was good, I can't comment on the price as JP footed the bill.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2009 © Leave a comment below if you like, it's quick, free and painless.

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