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~Back o' Beyond~

25th April 2009

I was camping at Gillside, Glenridding and so an approach on the fells behind Skiddaw was not too difficult. I drove round to Fell Side, near Caldbeck. There is limited parking near the farm at Fell Side and really no other parking nearby, certainly not on the roadside as the road is not wide enough. I clearly remember a previous visit to Roughton Gill and I know it was in 1991. I was distracted for a number of years thereafter, but I knew I would be back one day....

Mountain Stream

Silver Gill

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk

Fell Side

Parked at Fell Side at 08:45

Dale Beck

Dale Beck

This is a wonderful place, so near, yet so far away from the Langdales, Coniston, Borrowdale - all those fine places which attract too many people. Please don't tell them about this route to Roughton Gill.

Mountain Mine

Old Mine in Hay Gill

Mountain Rail


Roughten Gill

Sheepfold in Swinburn Gill

I find the subject of industrial history very interesting, hence the mines photo and my search for evidence of times gone by. Sheepfolds offer another slant on times gone by, most of these have fallen into some state of disrepair. For more on sheepfolds, click here.

Roughon Gill

Looking back from Roughton Gill

Mountain Roughton

Roughton Gill

I can't explain all that used to go here. Just try to imagine the endeavours of the men over centuries in this place. Wages were won only by hard graft, some, if not all of the levels were cut by hand.

Mountain Mine Roughton

One of the Mines in Roughton Gill



Great Sca Fell

Great Sca Fell


First "Hello's" of the Day

The summit of Great Sca Fell is reached by following Roughton Gill about as far as it goes, then making a right turn and heading for the prominent landmark which is the summit cairn on Great Sca Fell. Next target was Meal Fell and I was to be slightly inconvenienced by greetings to this couple, who were enjoying the remote landscape just like me.

Meal Fell

Meal Fell Summit

Mountain "Cumbrian Way"

Lingy Hut on the Cumbrian Way

After a snack on Meal Fell, it was a pull up Frozen Fell to Knott and from there it was the high level tramp to High Pike as detailed in Wainwright Book 5, Knott 12. Lingy Hut is en route and offers shelter to walkers. A guest book invites comments, I did put pen to paper, but I can't recall what I said.

High Pike

High Pike Summit 2009, looking East

Wainwright Book 5, High Pike 11

Mountain Stream Mine

Potts Gill

This is my last photo from the walk, the weather had been closing in for some time and soon enough it began to rain, but I only had to suffer 15 minutes or so of the wet stuff.

Caldbeck Mountain


After the walk I drove into Caldbeck for a look around, these houses have a certain charm.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 6hr 40 minutes over an undetermined distance, at least 10 miles, I reckon.

Route: Fell Side, Dale Beck, Roughton Gill, Great Sca Fell, Meal Fell, Knott, High Pike, Potts Gill, Fell Side

Weather and conditions: Bright start, bit windy on Meal Fell and Knott, closing in, rain at the end.

Greetings Count: Low, one couple near Meal Fell and then a few on the Cumbrian Way.

Richard's Refreshment Review: The Old Smithy tearoom at Caldbeck. Recommended for light refreshments.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2009 © Leave a comment below if you like, it's quick, free and painless.

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