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~High Pike via Carrock Beck~

12th February 2020

High Pike Summit

The Summit of High Pike


Apronful of Stones

Without too much fuss, this website clocks up 10 years of reporting from the walks enjoyed by myself. I had been looking for a decent walk in the Lake District to mark the occasion and after weeks of waiting, this opportunity arose. I booked three nights in a B&B hoping to beat the weather and clock up some miles on foot. Today, it's "High Pike from Calebreck" as per Wainwright Book 5, only I'm starting from Apronful of Stones with a view to concluding the walk with a walk down from Carrock Fell. It's about 3/4 mile along the tarmac to reach Carrock Beck and begin the walk up to the target summit.

Carrock Beck Ford

Carrock Beck Ford

The path starts just on the far side of the bridge as seen from here. We will be following a miners' track to Driggeth Mine.

Carrock Beck

To High Pike

At the start of the website adventure, I was influenced by David Brown (dec'd), David Hall (website offline), Andrew Leaney (website archived and the Leaneys have moved away), The Hileys - still going strong! Mike of "The Walking Englishman" fame remains an inspiration to me with his walks and reporting. Since those early days, it has become very easy for everyone to publish their photos through social media; I persevere with this labour of love and one day technological progress will leave me behind. Until then...

Driggeth Mine

Driggeth Mine

Research suggest lead and copper were mined here plus a few other 'ites and stuff. The Mountain Weather Forecast suggested 40/50 mph winds at the summit and it's quite cold as the view suggests, so there will be no hanging around, but I do have a place in mind for a lunch stop.

Molly the Collie


Driggeth Mine

Driggeth Mine (disused)

Carrock Fell

Carrock Fell

Bowscale Fell enjoys a little sunshine, Carrock Fell looks as cold as it is just here.

Molly High Pike

High Pike Summit 2,157ft asl

Sometimes, I can't find enough words to fill these spaces between photographs. In most cases the photos tell the story and I think this is one such example. Molly has been here before...

Molly High Pike

19th April 2015

Lingy Hut

Lingy Hut

Lingy Hut isn't en route from High Pike to Carrock Fell, but on a day like this it's worth a small detour.

Lingy Hut View from the hut


The bothy has been refurbished since my last visit. It seems hard to believe but it suffers from graffiti and vandalism. It's a gift to the wanderers of the fells, a respite from whatever conditions prevail outside. Inside, there are benches on three sides, a window (view above seen through such), a guestbook to sign, a set of rules for users thereof, a shovel for you know what and two candle holders. Lunch was taken in this shelter, it is a wonderful place, maintained by The Mountain Bothies Association.

Miton Hill

To Carrock Fell

The route to Carrock Fell with Miton Hill in the foreground.

Frozen Landscape

Frozen Landscape

It's been a strange winter for weather with no prolonged wintry spells and last weekend we had Storm Ciara bringing gales and heavy rain with flooding to many homes and businesses, especially in the Calder Valley towns of Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd - an area well known to us and it's such a shame to see.

Frozen Tarn

Frozen Tarn, Round Knott

Look hard at your OS map 1:25000 scale and there is a little blue spot next to "Round Knott" and this is it.

Molly Carrock Fell

Carrock Fell 2,174ft asl

Bowscale Fell

Bowscale Fell

Eastern Carrock Fell

North Pennines

This view to the east from the east peak extends to the North Pennine fells and the ordered fields of fertile farmland lie in the near ground. It's quite a steep descent from here, the path quite easy to find.

Rowan on Crag

The "rowan on crag" in the photo on the right gets a mention in Carrock Fell 8.


Time taken: 3hrs 30mins over a distance of about 7.5 miles.

Route: Apronful of Stones, Carrock Beck, Driggeth Mine, High Pike Summit, Hare Stones, Lingy Hut, Miton Hill, Round Knott, Carrock Fell, The Trough, Rowan on Crag, Apronful of Stones.

Weather and conditions: Cold and windy.

Greetings: None

Refreshments: Lingy Hut offers little other than shelter from the elements, but sometimes that's all you need.

Mountain Bothies Association


All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2020 ©

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