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31st December 2020

Misty Molly

Misty Miss Molly

A short car journey to Cliviger allowed for a start time of 0800hrs and an early ascent of Thieveley Pike in East Lancashire. We awake today in Tier 4 of national coronovirus restrictions. Spot the difference! I like to park outside Oaklands on the main road, far enough away from the residents' driveway so as not to impair their view of traffic approaching from the right. There are other houses to park outside.

Moon Tree


Start Point
Walk Start
Walk Start on 24th April '20

I debated another ascent of Pendle with a better start time than yesterday, but then I realised it would be nice to walk for an hour or two and not see anyone...

Railway View

Railway View

From the road, the walk goes under the railway once and then alongside the tracks, as above, before diving back under the railway and then after 300 yards or so, the path goes under the railway for a third time before heading sharply uphill past Buckleys on a well-marked route.

Dean Scout

Dean Scout

The craggy ground ahead is Dean Scout and the path climbs to the right of such.

Thieveley Scout

Thieveley Scout

The wonderful sight of mist rolling off the top of Thieveley Scout. Further up the valley it looks as though the mist is rolling down the hill and then back up the other side.

Pendle Wind Farm

Somewhere over there is Pendle Hill and across the valley from here are the giant wind turbines installed a few years ago to replace the older, smaller ones.

Miners Path

Miners' Path

The route to the top of Thieveley Pike crosses the miners' path and heads directly up the fell.


Molly Thieveley Pike

Thieveley Pike 1,474ft asl

Molly is 7 years old today and here we are celebrating in the usual manner.


Descent Route

I chose to retrace our steps and go much the same way back down.

Under Thieveley Scout

A public footpath between Fish Pond Plantation and Thieveley Scout and we took this route for good views of the descending mist and snowy valley scenes.



Service Train

A local service train heads from Burnley into West Yorkshire. The four-carriage train was populated by a driver, a guard and one passenger. A by-product of this strange world we live in whereby the trains run, but close to nobody is allowed to travel on them. The one passenger did appear to be wearing a mask. Another train came along in less than a minute and headed the other way; it was much busier, I counted three passengers.

A646 lay-by


Here is a fine lay-by for anyone wishing to take a walk in the area, it comes complete with a bin and space for at least a dozen cars.

Ram Inn Cliviger

The Ram Inn (Obviously)

Spikes all the way today, better safe than sorry. I can't imagine when we can start going back into pubs in the normal, un-masked, casual, un-booked way.

Burnley Road

The plan to maintain at least 2 metres of social distance has worked, I didn't see anyone esle on this walk.

Nelson at night

Nelson from Noggarth Road

This photo was taken at 0130hrs by a local gritter-wagon driver. The mist is illuminated by the lights of Lomeshaye Industrial Estate.

And so another year comes to a close. Our family has gained one member, young Oliver is 13 days old at the end of 2020. I hope that the pandemic has taught us one thing, which is that the world outside our window is more valuable than ever and the crazy, expensive material things and possessions are nothing compared with the fresh air and excercise which can be enjoyed in our local countryside.

"I get all the news I need on the weather report"

All photos, apart from the last one, copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2020 ©

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