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~Castle Crag~

13th July 2016

Castle Crag

Castle Crag

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Scafell Hotel
Scafell Hotel
Castle Crag, Borrowdale

On this Wednesday of our holiday, the changeable weather pattern continued and it rained on-and-off during the morning. We had a walk around the perimeter of Hallin Fell and got wetter than a wet fish in wetswater as we took a path through the Triffid-like bracken on the last bit in pouring rain.

New Bridge, Borrowdale

New Bridge, Borrowdale

Everyone, and I mean everyone, takes a photo of "New Bridge" close to Rosthwaite in Borrowdale. Whilst I like bridges and miss all those damaged or destroyed by Storm Desmond and the like, I rather wish this one had been washed away and then we'd be able to take photos of "Even Newer Bridge". By the way, where's "Old Bridge"?

Grass Courting

This bull and cow seemed genuinely together in a field containing plenty of cattle.

Ascent Route

There is more than one way of climbing Castle Crag, we are aiming between the trees in the photo on the left. The group of long-lensed photographers had me puzzled. I thought bird-watchers wore strange hats and lurked in the undergrowth. If they were aircraft spotters, I fear they will have left disappointed because nothing loud or low came along.

The Bit Between High Spy & Castle Crag

My walking records suggested that Karen and I came up here together in 2004, but neither of us were sure that we both went all the way to the top, so this was a very good reason for heading this way. Molly was adamant she was not in the party on that occasion.





Derwentwater from Castle Crag

Wainwright, in his North Western Fells Book - Castle Crag 4 - opines that much of this area and a bit behind the lens is the "loveliest square mile in Lakeland - the Jaws of Borrowdale." He lists seven more lovely square miles and if you can't remember them, you'll have to dig the book out. Or maybe we all have our favourites and hopefully they're not all the same.

Castle Crag Summiteers

Karen & Molly


Down at The Paddles where the river is wide and shallow, Molly takes a dip.

The River Derwent

Looking Back

Still Ruminating Together

The Fleece Inn Rosthwaite
Nearly Back
The Flock-In Tearoom

It would be rude not to call in at The Flock-In for a brew and a piece of cake, so we did just that. We were not able to sit at the best table, in the sunshine and facing north into Borrowdale because one weary young girl had bagsed the table, plugged in her device and fallen asleep. Bought nothing as far as I could tell; probably waiting for a friend.

Walkers: Karen, Molly The Dog and Me.

Route: Parked at Scafell Hotel (£3) and walked to New Bridge for an ascent of Castle Crag via the bit between the High Spy and CC. Returned the long way around the base of the fell.

Greetings: This is a very popular place!

Weather: Dry, sunny intervals on top and one short shower on the way back.

Refreshments: Tea and Cake at the Flock-In. Fine place with seating inside and out, including covered seating round the back - just in case it's raining here in Borrowdale.

Time Taken: 1 hours 30 minutes to get to the top and then as long as we liked to get back.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2016 ©

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