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~September Review~


Border Collies

Molly & Bob

September 2015 was full of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts and the late season sunshine was very welcome. Here is a review of what we've been up to, not enough time nowadays for full reports on all walks. Blame the dog!

Lob Lane Mill Brierfield

Lob Lane Mill, Brierfield

A scene of urban desolation in Brierfield. We are waiting for the cyclists of the "Tour of Britain" on 7th September.

Pendle Summit 2nd Sept.
Sunrise 5th Sept.

The early morning dog walks are timed to give Molly the opportunity to chase rabbits. They are too smart and fast for her, but it keeps them on their toes. We've been getting out at just after 6am on most days this month.

Sunset 5th Sept.

13hrs after the sunrise photo, we witness the disappearance of the sun; the days are shortening.

Sunrise 6th Sept.

We went up to Settle for a walk and I was well positioned on a railway bridge to see a steam train. Then along came the farmer and moved us on as he was herding his sheep up the lane, so I stood in his field instead.


LMS Jubilee Class No.45699 Galatea

One of the Barry Scrapyard survivors. This engine was built in 1936 and is owned by The West Coast Railway Company, who are running this charter train, destination Carlisle. The Rosebay Willowherb is losing its flowers, a sure sign of late summer.

Pendle Summit 6th Sept.

The flowers and tribute are for a dear-departed dog. Molly is clearly affected by it all.

Lob Lane Brierfield

Fast Forward to 7th September 2015

The earlier photo was taken in 2007. "They" appear to have done a fine job of restoration / adaptation. The cyclists are due soon.

Petr Vakoc Pelaton in Brierfield

The Tour of Britain Stage 2

Petr Vakoc (left) leads the way through Brierfield and he went on to win the stage.

Sunrise 8th Sept

Many mornings I enter the fields in the hope of witnessing sunrays through mist; this one was close.

Pendle Summit 11th Sept.

Selfies on Pendle
Summit Selfies
Pendle 13th Sept.

The young lady and her Patterdale are captured on camera. It's another fine day for walking on Sunday 13th.

Molly andBob

Border Collies

Molly meets Bob on the descent of 13th September, all we need now is a sunset...


Sunset 13th Sept.

Pendle Summit 16th Sept.

Bowland Sunset

Bowland Sunset - 16th Sept.

Sunset 22nd Sept

Sunset 22nd Sept.

Sunset 26th Sept.


Sunday 27th September and it's one of the "days of the year"! Beautifully clear, dry, still, warm and falling conveniently at the weekend. We walked from Barley and up Boar Clough, where Molly can be seen (right).

Summit of Pendle 27th Sept.

Sunset 28th Sept.

Coldwell Sunset

Coldwell Sunset 30th September

A fitting way to say goodbye to the September sunshine.

So, 7 Pendles and a great weekend in Snowdonia. Incidentally, no walks in English Lakeland - the first month this year that such has been the case. I think it was Lakeland Fatigue that forced the Snowdon trip and what a refreshing change it was! It won't before we will back in Lakeland.

Keep Watching.....

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