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~Pendle Hill~

5th January 2014

Pendle Summit

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Sunset 4th Jan 2014

The Night Before

Finding the right time to open my Pendle account for 2014 has been a challenge. The evening before, the skies began to clear and the forecast allowed for up to two hours of sunny weather on the following morning. I parked at Barley and set off walking at 07:45hrs.


Red Sky in the Morning!

Sunlit Altocumulus glows above Fell Wood.

Lower Ogden at Sunrise

Sunrise and Lower Ogden Reservoir

Sunrise 5th Jan 2014

Sunrise 5th Jan 2014

A welcome return after sixteen and a half hours of twilight and darkness.

Pendle Paths


Pendle Top

The Summit

Just now the suns rays begin to be obscured by the cloud and the hoped-for period of direct sunshine is cut short.




Late Starters

Late Starters

Muddy Fields

Muddy Fields

Fragmenting Lines of Cloud

Walkers: Just Me.

Time taken: 1hr 50mins over a distance of about 5miles.

Route: Barley, Barley Hill, Flank route up past the spring to the Summit, Steps, fields back to Barley

Weather: Clear, but soon clouding over, chilly breeze throughout.

Greetings: Plenty of folk heading up as I was heading down.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2013 ©

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