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~Great Mell Fell~

6th July 2013

An evening walk with the main purpose of seeing the sunset from one of Lakeland's outposts.

Dead tree


A gallery of evening photos on Great Mell Fell....

Sunset on Great Mell Fell


Great Mell Fell Sunset


Great Mell Fell Summit

Great Mell Fell Summit

Red Screes

Red Screes and Middle Dodd

Sunset on Great Mell Fell


Lakeland Sunset


Tree Silhouette


Tree Great Mell Fell

Tortured Tree

Wicked winds torture many of the trees on the slopes, creating grotesque shapes.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 1hrs 40mins over a distance of about 2.5 miles. Ascent via the path round the east side and descent via the steep path directly down to the parking space on the road at the south of the fell.

Weather and Conditions: Sunny and warm.

Greetings Count: Nil

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2013 ©

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