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~Low Fell~

2nd December 2013

Mellbreak from Low Fell

Mellbreak from Low Fell

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The dull-ometer was reading "high", so we ventured into Keswick for a spot of shopping after a hearty breakfast at our hotel. I had it in mind to escort my good lady up to Wainwright's favourite felltop, Haystacks. But upon arrival in the Buttermere area, it really wasn't the day for a grand walk, so I chose the "Western" outpost of Low Fell.

Thackthwaite Centre

Thackthwaite Village Centre

Parking is limited in Thackthwaite; I was looking for a phonebox as a guide, but either it's gone or I'm a dimwit, cuz I didn't see one. There is space for maybe three cars at the north end of the village. Access to the fell is clearly marked and this is one of Wainwright's ascent routes.




Whiteside and Grasmoor (in cloud)

Gate Mrs Ratcliffe
Missing Gate

I had been quite looking forward to fastening the gate, after use - as detailed on LF4, but it has been removed. Karen makes a start on the drove road up to the Low Fell ridge.


The Boulder (see later)

Approaching Low Fell Summit

If I'm looking for positives, then a significant one would be that this is better weather than on the only other occasion that I've been up here.

Low Fell Stile Low Fell Summit

Low Fell Views

The stile and dog gate preceeds the summit area; Crummock Water and Mellbreak in the photo on the right. Now how do you get a photo of a couple on top of a fell, when there's nothing to sit the camera on? And there's nobody about?

Us on top of Low Fell

Us on top of Low Fell

Low Fell Return

Heading Down

The return leg was a case of retracing our steps. No people, no sheep, no birds ....


High Steaks

Then we heard a car horn and far in the distance, a farmer is high up on Fellbarrow and is summoning the cows with the aid of his cowdog.

The Boulder

The Boulder (again)

Unsurprisingly, this boulder was awarded the title of "rock of the day", winning due to its shape, position next to the path, sitonability and the fact that there weren't any others.

Heading back to Thackthwaite

Well that was a worthwhile little exercise, could it be third time lucky on the next visit? Someone once said "Wait for a clear day. Don't forget the camera."

Walkers: Karen and me. The photo was achieved using Photoshop, other image editing programs are available.

Time taken: 2hrs 20mins over a distance of about 4 miles.

Route: Thackthwaite, missing gate, drove road, boulder, two zigzags, Watching Crag, Low Fell Summit and return the same way.

Weather and Conditions: Dull, calm.

Greetings Count: Zero

Refreshments: On the way back to our hotel, we stopped at Croft House Farm Cafe in Buttermere. Milky coffees and cake, but still no tiffin! I asked at a bakery in Keswick for a piece of tiffin and was told that it was not a local cake and therefore was not on the shelves.

Croft House Farm Cafe

Croft House Farm Cafe

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2013 ©

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