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8th September 2012

All change for the third of three walks in North Wales. Away from Snowdonia and a good portion of the way home for a walk from Loggerheads Country Park, nr.Mold, Denbighshire

Moel Famau Trig Point

Moel Famau Summit

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Loggerheads Country Park

Loggerheads Country Park

A group walk today. Nine adults and two youngsters, an assortment of headgear, plenty of yellow shirts, a dollop of suncream and away we go. First stop will be the limestone headland overlooking the way ahead.

Moel Famau

Moel Famau

The lofty perch in the centre is our primary target. Moel Famau is the highest point in the Clywdian Range of Hills.

Loggerheads In the field
Looking over Loggerheads Country Park
Starting The Climb

A very warm day, maybe the warmest walk I've had this year.

Climbing Moel Famau

Grassy Climb Up Moel Famau

This is our party on the long, easy ascent of Moel Famau. Simon (floppy hat) appears to have chosen to walk up backwards.

Heather Final Ascent of Moel Famau
Heather in Bloom
The Final Ascent

Our route takes us to the right of, and then around a plantation.



A very clear view of the Welsh Mountains of Snowdonia (centre/right).

Valley of Clywd

Vale of Clywd

Much the same as the previous photo, but with less sky and more ground.

Moel Famau Tower

The Jubilee Tower, Moel Famau

The building of the structure commenced in 1810 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of George III. Unfinished due to lack of funds, the incomplete tower was badly damaged during a storm in 1862 and all unsafe parts removed.

South from Moel Famau

Looking South from The Jubilee Tower

Walking Party

Our Walking Party

We sat here for an unfeasibly long time, debating the Clywdian Way options, the locations in view and many other important matters.

Moel Famau View

Longer View from The Tower

Some of the neighbouring hills housed Iron Age forts.

The Walkers

The Walkers

Mael Famau Trig Point

Moel Famau (Hill of The Mothers) Trig Point 1,818ft asl.

Descent off Moel Famau

The Return Route

The way back to Loggerheads is along the winding track seen above, climbing through the forest after leaving Moel Famau.

Walkers Progress


Walk View


Loggerheads Sign


Limestone at Loggerheads


That's where we stood to get our first view of Moel Famau.

We Three Loggerheads

We Three Loggerheads

And time for some liquid refreshment.....

Viewers may note a lack of depth in this report. I don't possess the OS map for this area and therefore don't know the names of everything on view. Furthermore, I deleted all the photos off the camera's memory card before putting them on the computer. I recovered most of them, using free downloaded software, but lost a few. All a bit beyond me, I'm afraid.

Walkers: In no particular order...Gary & Sharon with Holly the Dog, Jeanette, Rita, t'other Sharon, Tracey, Simon, Karl and his two boys and me.

Time taken: Longer than it should have done over shorter than it might have been. The joys of warm "summer" walking! About 6 miles.

Weather and Conditions: Warm and Sunny.

Greetings Count: Well populated territory.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Cool drinks in the garden at We Three Loggerheads. Fine setting, but busy road to cross (twice).

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All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2012 ©

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