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~More of the North Yorkshire Railway~

15th July 2012

After yesterday's great introduction to the North Yorkshire Moors Railway, could I match it with a another look at the area? The only problem was in deciding where to start and where to walk.

Levisham Railway Station

Levisham Railway Station

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Willow Garth

Willow Garth Caravan Park

A last look, for now, at Willow Garth Caravan Park, Great Barugh. After an evening deluge on Saturday, the clouds have moved on and a bright sunny day is a distinct possibility. I've decided to nip into Pickering to watch the 09:00 train.

Pickering Bank Pickering Photographer
HSBC Bank, Pickering
Pix in Pickering
Railway Plaque Russell's Cafe Pickering
Railway Plaque
Russell's Cafe in Pickering

Well maybe I misread the timetable; the 09:00 does not exist on Sunday and the station cafe doesn't open until 09:30. So I had a walk around part of Pickering and was not alone, lots of folk with cameras were milling around. The area to the right of the bank would have carried the railway line to Malton, prior to closure in 1965, and a level crossing facilitated road traffic travelling past the bank and eastwards.. Russell's open early and serve breakfast.

Horcum Dyke

Hole of Horcum

I settled for parking on Horcum Dyke at a National Park car park on the A169. My first view is of the amazing Hole of Horcum - a stunning geological feature that resembles a meteor impact crater. Best seen at close hand, rather than on a photograph.

Hole of Horcum

Looking Into The Hole

Holcum Dyke runs along the edge of The Hole. The A169 takes motorists along Fylingdales Moor to Whitby.

Fylingdales Radar Station

Fylingdales Radar Station

My route took me in a SSW direction across Levisham Moor.

Levisham Moor Levisham Moor

Levisham Moor

A zig-zag at Seavy Pond takes me down to Levisham Bottoms. I had no idea that these moors were so attractive, wonderful walking territory.

Levisham Bottoms

Levisham Bottoms

The "Bottoms" path is the clear track in the heather / bracken. Lower down the hillside is Newton Dale and hidden in the trees is the NYMR.

Mixed Veg

Mixed Vegetation

I am heading for Skelton Tower and a commanding view of Newton Dale, just when I hear a familiar whistle and have to hurry to get in place for a photo.

No 80072

No 80072 Heading North

The train is heading north for Grosmont. The valleys of Newton Dale and North Dale were apparently formed by glacial flooding, as oppose to glacial action. Meltwater from vast frozen lakes gouged out the valleys.

Newton Dale

Newton Dale

Skelton Tower

Skelton Tower

Skelton Tower is a "folly" built in the C19th by the Reverand Robert Skelton. Time to continue on the walk, heading south for Levisham Station.

Levisham Road

Levisham Station Road

This moorland road, leading to Levisham Railway Station, is popular with picnicers.

Levisham Railway Station Levisham Station

Levisham Railway Station

Levisham Signals

Lots of folk, Classic Cars, a "Jive" Band; Bonhomie!

Jive Band

The Jive Band

Rock 'n Rolling from the tent.

Jive Express

Jive Express


Motorcyclists at Levisham

Sparrow Chicks Rail Enthusiasts
Swallow Chicks
Excitement Mounts

The chicks live in the waiting room roof. The tourists can't wait for the next train, it's all a bit too much.

Levisham Train Arrives

Southbound Train Arrives

Q6 Engine 63395

Northbound Train Departs

Q6 No.63395 heads tender-first for Grosmont. Note how this engine has no "leading wheels". Leading wheels are small non-driving wheels on front axles usually seen on large locomotives and they aid the progress around curves - essential at high speeds. So the wheel configuration here is 0-8-0; no leading wheels / eight driving wheels / no trailing wheels. The Flying Scotsman, for example, has a 4-6-2 (Pacific) wheel configuration.

Classic Cars Maintenance Worker
Classic Cars at Levisham
Sleeper Painter

The Mini, just in view, is claimed to be the 12th off the production line and the oldest Mini on the roads. The painter is writing numbers on some of the sleepers. I could do that.

Steam Tractio Engine

Traction Engine

Leaving Lewisham, I head for Newton Dale Halt on the Lewisham Trail. It's not the best part of the walk, mainly roadway (like this) and occasionally muddy woodland paths. This chap is running a steam-powered traction engine that he built himself. I couldn't do that!

Newton Dale Halt

Newton Dale Halt

I was a quite pleased that woud-be passengers were already here. I wasn't going to get on the next service and didn't want the driver to stop the train, thinking I was waiting to embark. This is a "request stop".

Q6 at Newton Dale

No.63995 "The Jive Express"

After the excitement of seeing another steam train, well the same train but with the engine facing the right way, it was off into the woods on the other side and a short, steep climb to Yewtree Scar.

Grey Wagtail Insect
Grey Wagtail?
Scary Monster

The map shows a feature "Hudson's Cross", but I couldn't find it. The cliff edge on Yewdale Scar is dramatic and shows signs of recent rockfalls. Take Care!

Yewdale Scar

Fractured Cliffs

Huggitt's Scar Train at Newton Dale
Huggitt's Scar
Newton Dale Halt
Levisham Moor Whinchat
Route Back

From Yewtree Scar, you can see Huggitt's Scar and just make out the railway line and halt. The route back is easy and the car park is just out of view next to the plantation.

Levisham Bottoms

Last Look

One final view of the walking territory before climbing up to Horcum Dyke and back to the car.

Walkers: Just Me.

Time taken: 5hrs 20mins, distance approx 9 miles, according to my feet.

Route: Horcum Dyke, Levisham Moor, Levisham Bottoms, Skelton Tower, Levisham Station, Newton Dale Station, Yewtree Scar, back over the moorland to Horcum Dyke. £2 to park all day.

Weather and Conditions: Sunny and quite warm.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Levisham Station offers a good range of drinks and snacks, all seating is outside. On the day, there was a beer tent, but this will not always be the case. There were no other cafes or pubs on this route.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2012 ©

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