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~Silver How~

A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

If you were sat at a Wainwright Quiz and the question was "which fell has three gills with spectacular cataracts?", would you know the answer? No? Neither would I.

Molly Silver How

Molly on top of Silver How

Silver How

Me on top of Silver How

Silver How is delightful, so said a well-known Lakeland writer. I have started this chapter and therefore must finish it, but I cannot find any decent photos of Silver How taken from any of the obvious vantage points: Helm Crag, Blea Rigg, Lingmoor - wait, Lingmoor ... further search reveals the following:

Silver How

Silver How from Lingmoor

Well, not the best photo of this "lovely" fell with the "lovely" name, but the summit is just in view in the top left of the picture. Chapel Stile is in the valley. On this day, the show was in progress in the big field. Silver How is often climbed with Loughrigg Fell, but not by me, so I cannot reflect on that ridge route. This fell is best viewed from Grasmere and probably best climbed from that village.

Meg Gill

Meg Gill

We climbed up from Chapel Stile, Megs Gill. Note Meg Gill in my photo title, Megs Gill in this paragraph. Mr.Wainwright, sir, you have spelt it one way on the map and a different way on the "Ascent from Chapel Stile" page. More care, next time, please. Viewers please note: The Stone Man is no longer there.

Silver How

The Holly Tree

Well, the Stone Man may have moved on, but the holly tree is still here. "Guidebooks that are inaccurate and unreliable are worse than none at all ...it is most exasperating to learn..cairns have been destroyed." Quite so. But this holly tree was a valuable navigation aid on our descent and it is exactly where it was all those years ago, c.1958.

Where: Central Fells. between Grasmere and Great Langdale

Height: 1292ft

Suggested Route: Next time, I might try the ascent from Grasmere as per AW SH4, the only downside being the parking arrangements in Grasmere, but get there early and there are roadside spaces at the foot of the road up to Dunmail Raise.

My Frequency: Five

Whilst You're There: Blea Rigg, it's closer than Loughrigg Fell.

Walk Dates: with links to Reports (on this website) where applicable:

12/10/19 11/07/16 25/07/10

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