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A featured fell is my way of studying each fell in turn and recording thoughts and observations.

I'm starting with my first Lakeland fell, as chronicled by A.Wainwright and I'll finish with my last.

Pavey Ark

The Rock Face of Pavey Ark

This was my first climb in the Lake District and it was in the summer of 1972, I was eight years old. Dad lead the party and brother Peter (10), already a veteran of Helvellyn and many others was also in attendance. We parked in the Stickle Barn car park and ascended Stickle Ghyll before tackling Easy Gully.

Stickle Tarn

Stickle Tarn from Jack's Rake

Pavey Ark is home to the Lake District's most exhilarating scramble - Jack's Rake. It's my preferred route of ascent, I've climbed the rake many times, including once with Jess the Dog. Wainwright considers that it is usual to think of Pavey Ark as a crag, not as a fell. "In a strict geographical sense the crag is the eastern boundary of Thunacar Knott, to which the ground above the crag gradually rises ... At the risk of offending Thunacar Knott, Pavey Arc must have a chapter to itself. The area to be covered is no more than a square half-mile but it is full of good things." Agreed.

Pavey Ark

23rd December 2010

Pavey Ark

Me on top of Pavey Ark

Comment on AW's chapter: No space allowed for a descritpion of the full ascent from valley level; you have to cross-refer to Harrison Stickle 10 - or as he says "follow the crowds" to Stickle Tarn.

Where: Central Fells. It's adjacent to The Langdale Pikes and should be included in a walk covering the three fells mentioned below.

Height: 2288ft

Suggested Route: Straight up Stickle Ghyll (also known as Mill Gill - take your pick) and around to the right of the tarn. A cautious approach would be via the North Rake, an adventurous one would be via Jack's Rake. Going left of the tarn and up to the "col" between Harrison Stickle and Pavey Ark does not satisfy your reasons for being there. Of Easy Gully, my memories are of a difficult struggle; AW says it is "without difficulty except at one point where a long stride upwards may prove may prove too much for short-legged individuals."

My Frequency: High, one of my most climbed fells.

Whilst You're There: Harrison Stickle, Loft Crag & Pike O'Stickle

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