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~Loughrigg Fell~

17th May 2022

Molly Loughrigg Fell

Molly on top of Loughrigg Fell

Lingmoor View Lingmoor View

Fir Garth Cottages, Chapel Stile

For the first time since 2019, we booked a 7-day holiday in the Lake District. Lingmoor View is one of the "Fir Garth" cottages built on the hillside of the disused Thrang Quarry. I was walking around Baysbrown Wood early in the day and rang Andy; there he is at the door of our cottage in the photo on the right. Later, we drive to Ambleside for a hike up Loughrigg Fell.

Loughrigg Brow

Loughrigg Brow

We parked at Miller Bridge car park and had a walk through the park before finding the route up through woodland after crossing Miller Bridge over River Rothay.


I chose Chapel Stile for its compromise between ideal location and local servces. The shops, pubs and cafes of Ambleside are just 15 minutes away and yet you don't really need a car once you are in Chapel Stile; it is on a bus route and the walking territory is absolutely first class.

Lily Tarn

Lily Tarn

An early opportunity for Molly to cool down in Lily Tarn.

Once you've done the hard work and reached the undulating landscape of Loughrigg Fell, it's relatively easy going on clear paths.



Nearly there and by the looks of it, we will not be on our own.

Mollly Andy Loughrigg Summit

Andy & Molly on top of Loughrigg Fell

It's Andy's first time up here, Molly and Karen's second times and my fourth.



Stones have been dropped in for path repairs on this popular route.

Fell Fixers

Fell Fixers at Work

It must be hard enough laying these stones without having to frequently stand aside to allow walkers through; there is no obvious way round.

Rydal Cave

Rydal Cave

Rydal Water
Rydal Water
Higher Path

The lower path keeps walkers close to the lake and the higher path leads folk to the cave and offers better views of the landscape.

Quiet Road

Looking back along the "quiet road" between Rydal and Ambleside. Signage dictates that motor vehicles can only use this road for access. It's 1.5 miles back to Ambleside.

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones

Just a bit of fun, no need for us to cross these stones but Molly swam across and me n' Andy stepped there and back.

Fairfield Horseshoe

Fairfield Horseshoe

Back at Ambleside for a look up at the first leg of the Fairfield Horseshoe.

Walkers: Karen, Andy, Molly and Me.

Time taken: 4hrs over a distance of about 7 miles.

Route: Miller Bridge car park, Ambleside Park, Miller Bridge, Loughrigg Brow, Lily Tarn, many different paths to the top of Loughrigg Fell. Route to the north / north-west down to Loughrigg Terrace, Rydal Cave, Pelter Bridge, quiet road, Stepping Stones and back to the park.

Weather and conditions: Warmish with a few sunny intervals.

Photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2022 ©

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