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~Lingmoor Fell~

18th May 2022

Me n Molly Lingmoor Fell

Me 'n Molly on top of Lingmoor Fell

Langdale Beck

Chapel Stile

Early in the morning of Wednesday 18th May, Andy, Molly and me set off from our digs for an ascent of Lingmoor Fell. Unsurprisingly the view from Lingmoor View cottage is directly at Lingmoor Fell and so we are obliged to climb it.

To "Little Langdale"

The signpost offers walks to Elterwater or Little Langdale. We go the LL way which leads up to the Burlington Slate Quarry, still an active quarry with plenty of activity in the supply of aggregrates for the road and building industries.

Quarry and Langdales

Burlington Slate Quarry

A safe, fenced path allows walkers to get through the quarry area and into Baysbrown Wood. The route to Lingmoor Fell utilises a quarryman's track up to the higher reaches of the fell.


As Wainwright observes "this is an interesting and attractive approach to the ridge."

It really is a beautiful route up to the ridge. We also get a good view back to the cottage.

Lingmoor View

Lingmoor View "View"

Our holiday accommodation is arrowed. A challenging 1-in-3 road leads up to the Fir Garth cottages. They have private parking and a less steep alternative footway down to the main road (B5343). We all thought the cottage was the best we have stayed in! Yes, we've been in larger properties, but overall the comfort, facilities, parking, views etc. were all top notch and no, we don't need a hot tub, nor an open fire or a pub next door....each unto their own.

Prominent Yew

The "Prominent" Yew

It is an obvious sharp left turn just before the yew tree; the track ahead to other disused quarries is signposted as a Private Road.

The Wall

The Wall

It is not easy to get a medium-sized dog over the "hurdle". It ain't no easy-to-climb stile; luckily Molly could crawl under the bottom bar. I'm not sure how larger dogs would get past this obstacle.

Lingmoor Quarries

Lingmoor Quarries

Brown How

Brown How

The summit of Lingmoor Fell is known as Brown How. The wall is a great navigational aid.

Andy Molly Lingmoor Fell

Andy n' Molly on top of Lingmoor Fell 1,530ft asl

We reached the top at 0916hrs; roughly 1hr and 30 minutes after we set off. Not many folk about.

The View

Lingmoor View

The mass of heather gives rise to the name of Lingmoor. Ling being heather, Latin (perhaps). It's halfway through the holiday and I'm quite determined to ascend one or more of the Langdale Pikes during the stay.

Side Pike

Side Pike

Just follow the path which follows the wall. It's quite windy up here today and we're not sure if we will aim for the top of Side Pike.



We didn't go to the top of Side Pike. There is a tight squeeze on the way across the side of the pike, not for big folk or large dogs. Here, we can see all the way up Mickleden.

Langdale Pikes


We walked down a pleasant zig-zag path (!) to the campsite and hence the road into Great Langdale. We had it in mind to catch the bus back to Chapel Stile. In the event, we had just missed one. It wasn't a case of being lazy, but there is a lot of day ahead and all we are ever going to do on a fine day is....go for a walk.


To Chapel Stile



Nearly back at the cottage, larger boulders provide a sporting opportunity to anyone who possesses a mattress.

Walkers: Andy, Molly and Me.

Time taken: 4hrs over a distance of about 8 miles.

Route: Lingmoor View, Chapel Stile, Thrang Farm, Burlington Slate Quarry, quarryman's route up to the ridge, Brown How on Lingmoor Fell (summit). Side Pike (not the top), zig-zag path to Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel and then along Langdale using a farm track marked on the maps back to road and Chapel Stile.

Weather and conditions: Warmish with a few sunny intervals and a strong breeze on the tops.

The Squeeze

The Squeeze

Photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2022 ©

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