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~Walking from Home~

25th June 2022

Pendle from Hard Platts

Pendle Hill from Hard Platts


Home Path

Every so often, I write up on a walk from home; this is one such occasion. I was up quite early and pondered over a Saturday adventure, but soon decided the challenge would be to enjoy the day without the need for a car. The photo on the left shows the public footpath which runs behind our house and on the right is part of the popular dog walking territory between Harle Syke and Brierfield. The unfenced and unpastured fields don't seem to have a territorial name.

More field


We left home at 0743hrs and my plan is to walk to the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in Nelson and walk onto Barrowford.

Kings Causeway Brierfield

Kings Causeway, Brierfield

We walk down Kings Causeway to the traffic lights and join Walverden Road...

Walverden Road

Walverden Road

In Brierfield, as in many other towns, it is wise for drivers to be cautious when their light turns green. For some unknown reason, many road users in their cars treat the newly-illuminated red light as an invitation to speed up and proceed; whereas I'm sure a red light means stop.

Hard Platts

To Nelson

After a few minutes on Walverden Road, our route goes down Edge End Lane and enters the open grassland known as Hard Platts. I used to play junior football on the now-defunct pitch to the left of the tarmac path.

Pendle from Hard Platts


I used to think nothing of getting in the car and driving off for recreational purpose; now I'm thinking twice. If I go anywhere, it's got to be worth it. For example, I chose not to go to The Lakes today due to the forecast gusty winds, I'll wait for a better day.

Brierfield Railway Line

The Preston-to-Colne Railway Line

There is a pedestrian crossing over the railway here and it is controlled by lights. Today, the RMT Union has called a strike and most trains are not running, so I felt very safe taking this photo....but I did look both ways first. Some of these railway workers and their union officials ought to have a go at running their own businesses. First Bonkers Brexit, then Crazy Covid, now the market disruption as a result of the Russian "special military operation" in Ukraine. In our line of work, we can't get enough raw material; the energy costs have doubled; the carriage costs are rising steeply and somehow, we are supposed to keep the wheels turning and make a profit so we can pay the corporation tax and help to keep public services running.

Maurice Street Nelson

Maurice Street, Nelson

As it's only 0825hrs, I decided to walk through Nelson, rather than head directly for the canal towpath. One day, I'll write an essay on all the good things you can find on a walk through Nelson Town Centre. I'll need a small pen and a smaller piece of paper; it's depressing!

Fuel Prices

Fuel Prices

Diesel now costs over £9 per gallon. I bet nobody is in a hurry to see fuel prices back to "imperial" measure. It now costs over £100 to fill my tank, but I have worked out a way to lessen the cost; a local mechanic is going to fit a smaller fuel tank.

Canal Barrowford Locks
Towpath Walking
Barrowford Locks

We joined the towpath for the Leeds & Liverpool Canal and soon arrived at Barrowford Locks.

Barrowford Locks

Barowford Locks

"They" are lowering the retaining walls of Barrowford Reservoir (canal feeder). I wonder why? Great expense for the Canal & Rivers Trust, but for what possible benefit?


Greenwoods Cafe

Greenwoods Cafe

Close to Bridge 145 you will find Greenwoods Cafe. Great refreshment opportunity for walkers and their dogs.

Me n Molly

Me n' Molly

We walked from the cafe, up to Cross Gaits Inn and onto Higherford and hence Water Meetings. Here we are having a quiet moment in Barrowford Park. We have walked about 7.5 miles and if a bus comes along, we might take the easy route home.

Barrowford Bus


Here comes a No.2 and it will take us through Nelson and to within a few hundred yards of home.


The Bus

Today it's £3.20 to take the bus from Barrowford to home. I was the only fare-paying passenger, even Molly travelled free of charge.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2022 ©

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