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~Todmorden to Hebden Bridge~

19th February 2022

Rochdale Canal

The Rochdale Canal

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Todmorden Railway Station Todmorden Canal
Todmorden Railway Station
The Rochdale Canal

It's another wet day here in Northern England. With no prospect of anything dry, I decided to return to the railways. I have seen no appeal in rail travel for leisure purpose with a mask on my face. The plan is to walk from Todmorden to Hebden Bridge along the Rochdale Canal and catch a train back to the car, parked at Todmorden Railway Station. I've done this walk a few times and there is something quite undemanding about a level walk with no navigational challenges and no obvious hazards.




Words will be few and far between. As my father used to tell me "if you have nothing to say, keep your mouth shut".

It's Still Raining






Still Raining

Bridgeholme Bridgeholme Allotments
Bridgeholme Cricket Club
Bridgeholme Allotments

There wasn't any cricket planned for today.



Approaching Hebden Bridge and the precipitation is turning to sleet.


As the wet stuff gets colder and becomes more snow than sleet, we leave the towpath in search of somewhere warm...

Baytree Hebden

The Bay Tree Cafe

The Bay Tree Cafe welcomes walkers and their dogs. On my first pass I noticed a German Shepherd (dog) looking back at me through the large window, so took a walk around the town to see what else was on offer, but returned to be offered a table well away from the other dog. Good food!

Hebden Bridge Railway Station

Hebden Bridge Railway Station

The 1210 service to Manchester Victoria is on time and I already have my £2.70 single ticket for Todmorden, so we jump on board and enjoy five minutes of rail travel.

Todmorden Railway Station

Todmorden Railway Station

Walkers: Me and Molly the Dog

Time taken: 2hrs over a distance of about 6 miles.

Route: Park in Todmorden, join the canal and head eastwards to Hebden Bridge, unbelievably straightforward.

Refreshments: The Bay Tree Cafe is one of many, many cafes in Hebden Bridge. With Molly in tow, I tried to find somewhere with a quiet corner and in the end settled on this one. Very attentive staff and I chose from the generous breakfast menu. When you are cold and wet, it's great to get indoors and enjoy warm food and a brew.

Weather: Wet and cold; deteriorating to sleet and snow.

A different day on the same route 3rd May 2014

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2022 ©

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