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~KWVR Mixed Traffic Gala~

11th September 2021

Oakworth Railway Station

Oakworth Railway Station

Trains Double-Header

10-09 to Keighley

This weekend the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway, henceforth the KWVR is holding a "Mixed Traffic Gala" - a gathering of both steam and diesel engines. I chose to park and travel from Oakworth Station; I bought a Day Rover ticket for £30 enabling me to travel on any of the trains and get off at any of the stations and a Dog Ticket for £1. A member of staff on the platform told me it was a special weekend with only diesel engines; this lady with a hosepipe aiming for the raised beds was misled and had disappeared by the time the double-headed steam powered train arrived.

Ivatt Engine

Ivatt 2-6-2T No.41241

No engine epitomises the spirit of the KWVR better than this engine. It helped to power the "Re-Opening Special" in 1968 and was bought by two pioneering members of the railway from BR, all the way from Skipton shed. It was built in Crewe in 1949. I have travelled from Oakworth to Keighley and will now re-board the train and travel the whole line to Oxenhope with the same two engines on the front.

Damens Station Damens Loop

The train stopped at Ingrow West and then Damems (above, left). It is the smallest "full-size" station in the UK, platform space for only one coach (carriage). Shortly afterwards we pass a train heading the other way in the Damems loop (right).

Haworth Station

Haworth Railway Station

On many occasions today, it was a case of "watching you, watching me..." £30 might seem quite a lot of money, but for a less than annual visit to a place I grew up loving beyond almost anything else, it is nothing. These places and enterprises need to survive for now and for the future generations.

Haworth Shed

Howarth Shed

The engines with the yellow faces are diesels. The wheels look like the driving wheels off a big engine, I hope they've numbered everything and not lost any bits.

To Oxenhope

To Oxenhope

We head off to the end of the line at Oxenhope. This seems to be the fastest bit of the line, the chance for engines to let off steam a little, Speed is officially limited to 25mph on preserved railway lines.



Oxenhope Station

Oxenhope Station & Sheds

The railway's main carriage sidings are undercover in the shed on the left.


The two locomotive pairing has run round again to take the train back down the line towards Keighley. Molly and I have left the railway for now, it is time for a walk.

To Marsh Top

The plan is to walk back to Haworth along the Railway Children Walk.

Swodens Farm

Sowdens Farm

Mysterious lamp-posts occupy the meadow edge. I've seen these on a walk many years ago and now there appears to be new lights next to the older ones.

Haworth walk

To Haworth

The walk leads to the top end of Haworth. More trains soon, don't worry!

Haworth Main Street Haworth Post Office
Main Street
Post Office

Cyclists proudly take photos of themselves; the lady is practising for Family Fortunes. On the right, the post office has one of those "use it, or lose it" notices in the window. From my observations elsewhere, it will close. Next year it will be a cafe or a micropub.


Howarth Shed

Merlin No.23

Tucked away in a corner of the yard is Merlin No.23 a little diesel shunter from Bristol Docks. And if you look closely, a Class 25 is hiding away in the dark. Not all the locomotives are playing out today and for some, it could be a while before they shunt, push or pull again. Upon arriving at the station, I learnt that trains were running behind schedule and none were due for some time, so we carried on walking.

Diesel Trains

Diesel Locomotives

En route to Oakworth Station, a double-header with a Class 26 ahead of a Class 27 lead the way up the line with Oakworth not far away.

Oakworth Station

Oakworth Station

Back where we started. But it's only just after 1pm and too early for heading home. The next train through is one of today's expresses and will not stop here. Myself and a couple of other photographers formed a tidy group on the platform, eager to get a good shot of the non-stop train.

Express Train

The Express Train

No great in jeans strides forward for his own shot. In all pastimes there is etiquette: fellwalkers, rail photographers, anglers (I presume), many other pursuits. It's not about rules, just common courtesy; these things are not written down, just obvious ways to behave in a shared environment.

Same Train

Same Train

Trains don't pass uo the line, so I knew the next train would be the same one returning. I am waiting for the diesel double-header to take us back up to Oxenhope. Tea and cake were taken in Oakworth Station as we passed the time on this fine day. Such comestibles are not always available, perhaps only on Gala Days. Floral designs are popular this year and the two characters are ladies, not gentlemen. Well, that's how it appears to me, but we can't make too many assumptions nowadays.

Class 27

Class 27, 27001

This fine diesel locomotive is owned by The Scottish Railway Preservation Society and is a guest here today. We get on and travel to Oxenhope.

Class 26
Class 26 No.26007
Damems Loop

It transpires that 27001 had a problem, so was detached and 26007 took the service down the line to Haworth. A Class 20 locomotive joined in and the photo on the right shows action at Damems loop. I decided that we could get off at Damems and walk back to Oakworth.

Damems Level Crossing

Damems Level Crossing

The walk back to Oakworth is up the hill (behind me) and across some fields, except when the field are full of cattle. In such cases, carry on up the pavements and find a different way.



Walkers: Molly and Me.

Time taken: 5hrs 30mins in trains, on stations and a fair bit of walking

Route: Oakworth to Keighley by train and then to Oxenhope. Walk back to Haworth and then Oakworth. Oakworth to Oxenhope by train and then down the line to Damems. Walk from Damems to Oakworth.

Weather and conditions: Dry, brightening up as the day progressed.

A different walk in similar territory: 12th January 2013

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2021 ©

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