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~Clough Head~

20th June 2021

Molly Clough Head

Clough Head Summit

St Johns In The Vale Matterdale Road

The second walk of our weekend in The Lakes. We have been camping at Burns Farm Campsite, St.John's in the Vale. Sunday morning and the weather is far better than expected based on forecasts viewed on Friday and again Saturday. Parking on the roadside (left), room for maybe three cars, if two are small. The walk starts on the track which extends as far as High Row in Matterdale.

The track splits and for the purpose of this walk, it's a case of keeping left and soon enough a small stile appears giving access to the quarried area from where I hope to gain a route up to the fell.

Wanthwaite Quarry

Wanthwaite Quarry (disused)

The feint path leads up to the right of this quarry and up to pastureland where a footpath is marked on the OS Map.

Horned Beasts

Horned Beasts

Just as we entered the field we found ourselves in the company of cows, some sporting fine pairs of horns. So we hastily backtracked and suffice is to say I found a way around the herd without damaging fences or walls or bothering the cattle. I can't really recommend this route to anyone with a dog for the above reason unless you and the dog are young and athletic like me n' Molly!



We were up there yesterday and zooming in on the centre of the photo, Burns Farm appears...

Burns Farm Campsite

Burns Farm

The fields for camping and campervanning are on the other side of the road to the farm. The site is clean, well organised and has great facilities. £14 per night for me, dog, tent and car. My first time there, but surely not my last.

The Demon Stone
The Face
Molly & The Face

The stone's profile looks like a demonic face, or maybe it doesn't. We are heading up Wanthwaite Bank for a well-trodden route across Threlkeld Knotts and up to Clough Head.

Bennesty Knott

Buck Castle

The view to the south-east with a feature marked as Buck Castle on the map.



One of my walking ambitions has been to escort Molly to the top of all 214 of the "Wainwright" fells in Lakeland. This happens to be No.178 as per a review I've just conducted, this is the first time I've actually tallied them up in this regard. It gives me added purpose, she couldn't care less. The restrictions on movement brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic have put the brakes on, but we'll see what happens.

To The Top

To The Top

Molly on top of Clough Head

Molly on top of Clough Head 2,381ft asl

As there was nobody about, I made myself comfortable within the stones at the top and ate the other Spiced Bun (see yesterday's report). Normally I frown upon any form of summit-hogging, but this was our place for ten minutes or so. We met another walker on White Pike as we headed north away from the top.

White Pike

The Other Walker

I was heading north looking for an alternative way down, determined not to retrace our steps and re-encounter the cows. No path is shown on the OS map in regards of a route from White Pike to the foot of the fell.


The Path

There is an established path down to the old coach road and it is mighty steep. Another walker is on the way up. I had only been up on Clough Head once before and it was a dull day, you get great views of Skiddaw and Blencathra on a fine day like this.

Old Coach Road

As we approach the old coach road, we spot a group of young walkers, maybe part of a Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme? The whole walk has been dry and devoid of streams or tarns; Molly has been sustained by a supply of water from my bottles but she is keen to find a beck to cool off in.




Somewhere near the start of the walk was a babbling brook...

Cooling-Off Time

The Car Park

Walkers: Molly and Me.

Time taken: 2hrs 30minutes over a distance of about 5miles.

Route: B5322 in St.John's in the Vale (spark.cuter.suits ...what3words), Quarries, path through pastureland, Wanthwaite Bank, traverse path up Red Screes, Clough Head, White Pike, un-marked path down to the old coach road at Hausewell Brow, track back to the car.

Weather and conditions: Sunny and warm.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2021 ©

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