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1st July 2018


View to Watendlath Tarn

Scotgagte Woodland Stonethwaite

New month, same fantastic weather. Molly and I camped at Scotgate's Woodland site (Braithwaite) for two nights and on this second hot and sunny day of our trip, I was looking for something shorter than yesterday (Burnbank Fell) with more water opportunities. We met up with my brother Peter who was in a B&B in Keswick and headed for Stonethwaite in Borrowdale (right).

The Cumbrian Way Path

We are heading for the steep woodland path up to Watendlath Fell.

The Steep Path

All the uphill on this walk will come in one go and it's not easy!

Rosthwaite Fell

Rosthwaite Fell

On the other side of the valley are the steep wooded slopes of Rosthwaite Fell.

Dock Tarn

Dock Tarn

This idyllic location is one of Lakeland's gems. Far enough away from the roads to attract the riff-raff, it is usually quiet and a great place for a few minutes R&R.

Molly Dock Tarn

Molly Cools Off

To Watendlath Tarn

Easy walking downhill to Watendlath with a farm track leading to the tarn.

Watendlath Tarn

Watendlath Tarn

Watendlath Bridge


Before heading for the refreshment opportunity nearby, I thought it was worth a peek at the plunge pool just down stream from the bridge. I've had a dip in there in years gone by and if the location is not already bagged by sandwich eaters and young children, I might get wet.

The Plunge Pool at Watendlath

Dip time! Planning ahead, I had swimshorts and a towel. Molly has some odd traits and one is that if I get in the water, she gets out and wanders off! Maybe she thinks I've invaded her space. Anyway I enjoyed a rapid cooling off in this safe environment.

Watendlath Cafe

Tea and Cake

It is what it is. It's not a tearoom, it doesn't cater for everyone's tastes, but it's great on a day like today with a short menu of drinks, cakes, ice creams etc. No indoor seating for those who arrive on a wet day. And as one reviewer reported on TripAdvisor: No Wi-Fi.

Watendlath Beck

Watendlath Beck

What's not to like? Maybe the summer of 2018 will draw a close to those old enough (me included) who keep looking back on 1976 and telling younger generations of how things used to be. Still, we weren't plagued by issues around "signal" and the constant need to keep in touch. How did we get by?

Mossmire Coppice

We headed left at the bridge and into Mossmire Coppice for a walk down through the woods to Lodore Hotel. Take care, the route to the hotel is along a path marked feintly on the map; the public footpath (green dotted line) goes to High Lodore and it would be easy to take the wrong route, but in any event you'll be fine even if you're not necessarily where you want to be.

Lodore Hotel Improvements

Lodore Hotel Extension

A significant addition to the Lodore Hotel is well underway.


All along the plan was to catch the bus for a return to Stonethwaite and that's what we did.

Walkers: Peter, Molly and Me

Time taken: An easy-paced 4hrs 30mins over a distance of about 6 miles.

Route: Stonethwaite in Borrowdale, woodland path to Lingy End and Dock Tarn. Path down to Watendlath then along the beck to Mossmire Coppice and down to Lodore Hotel for the bus back to Stonethwaite.

Weather and conditions: Sunny and hot!

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2018 ©

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