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~January & February on Pendle~

Various Dates, but featuring 27th Feb 2018

Pendle from Work

Pendle From Stanley Mill, Burnley


This year's collection of Pendle Hill walks started on January 6th (left) with Peter, Matthew & Libby all up for a brisk walk before lunch and the evening of Sunday 7th offered a view of the sunset from close to home. An Airbus A380 en route to New York from Dubai.

Barley Hill

Barley Hill

On Tuesday 27th the sun came out in the afternoon after earlier snowfall and it was too good an opportunity miss. Very cold with a stiff easterly breeze, the beginnings of "The Beast from The East"!

10th January 2018
12th January 2018

Somewhat dull days, but two more ascents with a couple sharing poles on the left and Molly "jumping up" as she does on every occasion (assuming no summit hoggers).

Pen y Ghent


Pendle's nearest notable neighbour, Pen-y-Ghent looks equally cold on 27th Feb - there's a speck of dust inside my camera and it's evident here. I find this a problem with "mid-price" digital cameras and apart from giving the camera a good shake to disturb the speck, there doesn't seem to be another solution.

Snowy Pendle

21st January 2018

A feature of many January walks was the dullness, but that's no excuse to stay indoors. Here Molly can be seen at the top. Since 2011, I have averaged just over 53 ascents of Pendle Hill each year, 53.43 per annum to be accurate to two decimal places. For me it's about personal challenge and goals, I have other walking targets but this is one that can be serviced every week and an hour or more on any prominent fell or peak is an hour well spent.

26th January 2018

At last, the sun came out and on Friday 28th January, Molly and me nipped up in the afternoon and I nearly got my long-awaited photo of a 'plane across the moon....

Moon Flight

but not quite...I have seen other folks' such photos and it's just a bit of patience and good fortune that will get me there in the end.

27th Feb

A snow shower is over Molly's shoulder and I reckon it was heading for Rossendale. Molly is averaging one ascent per week over her lifetime and it stands at 217 climbs in 217 weeks at the time of this report.

2nd February 2018

Another month and off we go with an early morning walk up Pendle in the hope of watching the sun rise, but it didn't or rather it did, but not quite as I would have liked it. I'm not the only one with a passion for Pendle, indeed I often see the same faces on the fell, here's one with a notable cause and a great enthusiasm for climbing our local landmark...

Daisy Pendleside Hospice


Here is the fundraising page for Daisy and her Burnley-based family with their plan to get to the top 52 times this year. Proceeds to the wonderful Pendleside Hospice.


18th Feb
21st Feb
23rd Feb

On the dull Sunday morning that was 18th February, I passed Daisy and her family before I knew who they were and what they were doing. On Friday 23rd, my brother Peter joined us.

Pendle Summit 27th February 2018

Happy Molly

Happy Molly

11 so far this year


Gary and Aimee

This week's family news

Maybe taking Gary up mountains from an early age has led to so much more........

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