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~Rosthwaite Fell~

2nd September 2017

Rosthwaite Fell Summit

Bessyboot (Rosthwaite Fell Summit)

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Misty Borrowdale

Saturday morning and Molly is mooching around the tent, so by 6am we are on our way up Rosthwaite Fell to enjoy the sunrise and beat everyone else to the top...

Sheep on Crag


There is a route up from Chapel House Farm. It heads straight up behind a plantation of conifers and after a gated wall crossing, the fell is Open Access with little in the way of paths - but just enough to get walkers on to the higher ground and out of the bracken.

Rosthwaite Fell Route

The Route

The route taken is shown on this photo from the previous day. In truth, the path was just over the ridge where the top arrow is shown. Chapel House Farm is just to the left of the image and a public footpath runs through the farmyard.



The mist is retreating towards Derwentwater.

Molly at Sunrise at 06:50hrs

Molly Rocks


Rosthwaite Fell

Rosthwaite Fell

One reason for revisiting previously-climbed fells is to see them in a different light and maybe approach from another direction. Rosthwaite Fell has many crags and hilltops, Wainwright offers the highest one at the northern end as the summit in his chapter ~ it is known as Bessyboot.

Bessyboot Summit

Molly on top of Rosthwaite Fell, 1,807ft asl

Molly peeps round the corner at the higher ground of Rosthwaite Cam and Glaramara, but that's not on today's agenda. As far as I can tell, we are the first up here at 07:40hrs on this sunny morning.

Rosthwaite Cam

Rosthwaite Cam

The mountain boasts a water feature with the quaint name of "Tarn at Leaves".



Great Gable Fleetwith Pike
Great Gable
Fleetwith Pike

The plan is now to find the more popular ascent route from Stonethwaite and use it as the way down.

Tarn at Leaves

Tarn at Leaves

The Waterfall

The route down, or up if you're follwing the usual way of doing things, is blessed with Stanger Gill - a deep cleft with this waterfall at the top end. Beware! The path is very steep.

Stanger Gill

Stanger Gill



Today, the rewards have been rich for the early fellwalker. We met a lady with a dog climbing up through the woods, the first other walkers of the day. The path is very, very steep!

To Stonethwaite

Chapel House Farm

Chapel House Farm

Walk complete at 09:10hrs, just as tents were being unzipped and bleary eyes were adjusting to the bright sunlight. Chillax! It was just after 11 when we left the campsite - a pleasant, easy time for breakfast and the spectator sport of watching first-time campers putting a tent up.

Walkers: Molly and Me.

Time taken: 3hrs 10mins over a distance of about 4 miles.

Route: Chapel House Farm Campsite, Rosthwaite Fell, Bessyboot, Stanger Gill, Stonethwaite.

Weather and conditions: Sunny!

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2017 ©

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