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~Hebden Dale in The Pennine Hills~

5th November 2017

Gibson Mill

Gibson Mill

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Blake Dean Blake Dean

There are few places amoung the Pennine Hills as beautiful and walkable as the environs of Hebden Dale. It is home to Hardcastle Crags and many miles of woodland footpaths. We are frequent visitors as it is just 25 minutes drive from home. We usually park at the northern end of the woods, this time at Blake Dean and sometimes at Clough Hole.

Autumn Colours

The recent pattern of wet Saturdays and dry Sundays continues and as today is the annual peak of the bangs and flashes jamboree, it is important to get Molly well walked. You can walk any mumber of routes hereabouts and stay out as long as you like.

New Laithe Moor

High Level Farm Road

On this occasion, we find the route above Black Dean to the farm road that seems to go on for ever linking small hamlets and farms and extending around Turn Hill.

To Walshaw

To Walshaw

Road walking might not be everyone's cup of tea, but we usually stay in the woods and with the sky being so blue and welcomming, this is a very enjoyable stretch.

Walshaw Hamlet


There are at least three options of routes away from Walshaw, but we continue along the link road and head for Shackleton.

Lady Royd Farm

Lady Royd Farm

Looking Back

The view behind us as we come to Mansfield House.

Mansfield House

Mansfield House

Now, as dog walkers, you are frequently reminded about your pet's conduct around farms and fields. At this place a shitty little dog, more like a Tasmanian Devil came rushing out and made to attack Molly. I came close to kicking it. I have no problem with dogs protecting property, but walkers on rights of way should not be subject to this kind of canine behaviour. Be warned!

Willow Gate

Willow Gate

At the hamlet of Shackleton, we head down into the woods. The woods are great but generally less on offer for my camera.

Foul Scout Wood

Foul Scout Wood

A great time to be in the woods and we are heading for the area of the main car park for Hardcastle Crags. Note Well: on sunny days, this National Trust car park fills up very quickly. Consider parking a little bit further away, like we do and walk in, you may well have an uphill climb at the end of the walk, but altogether less stressful.


To Gibson Mill

There are at least three routes to Gibson Mill from the main car park, take your pick. Wheeled traffic can use the access road.

Gibson Mill

Gibson Mill

We had the foresight not to need to be served at the National Trust cafe at Gibson Mill. As you might expect it was very busy, we had our sandwiches on one of the benches and didn't need to queue.

Mill Pond

Mill Pond

Easy walking from the mill on the "Railway Walk". Leaflets are freely available with the various walks highlighted.

Woodland Walk

Molly in The Woods

Old Quarry

Birch Trees

We have reached the place where stone was quarried and transported by railway across the river at Black Dean for reservoir construction at Walshaw Dean. Birch trees are always keen to populate old railway territory.


Soon we emerge from the woods and have a short walk down the road to Blake Dean.

Reservoir Gate

Access Gate

And so back to where the car is parked.

Walkers: Karen, Molly and Me.

Time taken: 3hrs 40mins over a distance of about 6 miles.

Route: Blake Dean, Black Dean, Walshaw and the lane leading to Shackleton. Into the woods down to Midgehole Car Park and along the river to Gibson Mill. Railway Walk back up the river and to the road down to the car.

Weather and conditions: Sunny, a fine Autumnal day.

Refreshments: Take your own, or be prepared to queue (slowly) for a limited selection of food choices at the cafe in Gibson Mill. Their cakes are good! Most weeks during the year a National Trust volunteer will try to sell you a raffle ticket - top tip: tell him/her that you bought one on your previous visit a couple of weeks ago.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2017 ©

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