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~Beda Fell to The Nab~

25th March 2017

Beda Fell Summit

Molly on Beda Head

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Martindale Hallin Fell
Hallin Fell

A dry and fine, sunny Saturday! This limited edtition weekend opportunity for a good walk was not to be missed and a former classmate of mine, Simon Eagles, joins me and Molly for an ascent of Beda Fell from Martindale. We parked at the "new" church and started walking at 08:15hrs.

The initial ascent on this grassy slope leads to Winter Crag.

Winter Crag

Beda Fell View

The simple route up the north ridge is a pleasant stroll and the views today are excellent.

Beda Fell Summit Top

Molly at the top of Beda Fell, 1664ft asl

Simon Snaps

Bedafell Knott Boredale Hause

We walked along the Beda Fell ridge and then detoured down to Boredale Hause whilst we considered our options. We decided to continue to Angle Tarn and then choose the next part of the route. It has been easy going so far, but any amount of walking in snow could slow us down and Simon had been knee-deep in the white stuff the day before on his walk up to Stony Cove Pike from Hartsop.



St Sunday Crag

St.Sunday Crag

My last Lakeland walk was on 2nd January this year. I like to keep it special as far as walks in the Lake District are concerned, but this has been a long wait. On that occasion, I climbed St.Sunday Crag (seen here right of centre).

Angle Tarn

Angle Tarn

We enjoyed an easy stroll around the north and east sides of Angle Tarn and headed for Satura Crag.

Satura Crag

Satura Crag

Simon was keen to grab The Nab and add it to his list of Wainwright Fells climbed / visited. So from here we aimed for The Nab contouring along the side of Rest Dodd.

To The Nab
Molly and Bannerdale

The route to The Nab will take us to the high point of the wall in the photo on the left.

The Nab

The Nab

The Nab is unique amoung the Lakeland Fells, being the only one which walkers are not allowed to climb directly from the base. This is due to it being a protected area for Red Deer.

Steel Knotts

The best way to the top of The Nab is to keep to the right of the peat hags (we read this advice in Wainwright's book after a squelchy trudge down the middle). The rocks (right) are just beyond the summit and this was our lunch spot, with a view to Steel Knotts. Sadly, there is not a summit photo of Molly because the opportunity was passed up on the way out and after lunch another walk was sat on the summit stones eating his cakes and supping tea.

Rest Dodd

Rest Dodd

Now for the 650ft ascent of Rest Dodd. It is very warm and the trudging is taking its toll (on me). Molly and Simon seem in better nick, that's what Bonios and special treats do for you.

Rest Dodd Summit

Rest Dodd Summit, 2,278 ft asl

One plan had been to press on to The Knott and Wether Hill etc., but a better plan was to head back to Bannerdale via Heck Crag.

Gray Crag

Gray Crag



The descent off Rest Dodd was not easy and on more than one occcasion we were up to our knees in snow drifts.

Angle Tarn Heck Crag

After passing Angle Tarn, we found the path down to Bannerdale (right) which follows the wall.




The Nab

The Nab

Martindale Old Church

Martindale Old Church

Walkers: Simon Eagles, Molly The Dog and Me.

Route: Martindale New Church, Wintercrag Farm, Winter Crag, Beda Head, Bedafell Knott, Boredale Hause, Angle Tarn, Satura Crag, The Nab, Rest Dodd, Satura Crag, Heck Crag, Bannerdale and back to the cars.

Weather: Warm, clear and sunny. A fantastic day for fellwalking and a Saturday to boot!

Time Taken: 9 hours a distance of about 11 miles. Easy going and then slow going at times.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2017 ©

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