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~January on Pendle~

1st / 8th January 2017

Pendle Stile

We're at it again. On New Year's Day, the sun was shining, but one week later it's a different matter with the whole area shrouded in mist.

In The Sunshine

In The Mist

On Saturday 7th January the mist was already in situ in most of Lancashire and here's a couple of views from a walk along the canal.

08:30hrs Colne to Preston

The train has just left Brierfield and is heading past the "Prairie Fields" en route to Burnley and beyond.

Oliver Ings

"Oliver Ings" Bridge

Leeds Liverpool Canal

Leeds / Liverpool Canal, Brierfield

12:30hrs Colne to Preston

The same train, four hours later in somewhat brighter conditions. Molly and I walked from home, down to the canal and along to Barrowford. And then back again.

400 Ascents

The "misty" walk was my 400th "recorded" climb of Pendle Hill. Sadly (or maybe not) I did not keep records prior to 1994.


Burnley Sunset

Sunset 1st January 2017

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2017 ©

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