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~High Rigg~

3rd July 2015

High Rigg Summit

High Rigg Summit

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High Rigg Ascent

The fine weather is back. All week, I've had my eye on High Rigg, in fact it is the perfect fell to finish the week on. High Rigg is the most northerly of the Central Fells and provides fantastic views all around. We parked at Smaithwaite Bridge, close to Thirlmere Dam and took the direct climb up on to the undulating ridge which extends for the best part of two miles towards The Church of of St.John's in the Vale.

Mart Crag

Summer in Lakeland

Few images would better capture the summer season than verdant bracken and a foxglove. If it wasn't for the flies, this would be perfect!

Great How

Great How

Yesterday evening's climb was to the top of Great How. Bridge End Farm, in view, offers camping facilities. Great How is just a few feet lower than High Rigg and is higher than Wainwright's lowest chronicled fell. Perhaps it just lacked a certain something - and that could have been a view. The summit trees were cleared fairly recently.

Central Fells

The Central Fells

This week's walks have been nearly all on the fells in view. Furthest left is the top of Steel Fell; highest up is Ullscarf; in amongst it all is Armboth Fell; Raven Crag stands proud to the right with High Seat peeping under the branches of a nearby tree.

Karen and molly

Karen and Molly

This is our second time up High Rigg. It is a fine walk for those who might prefer not to scramble over high hills and walk through squelchy quagmires and those who would prefer to keep away from the crowds.

High Rigg


The ups and downs take walkers past the tarn (left) and across the wall by means of a ladder stile.

Bleaberry Fell

Bleaberry Fell

Bleaberry Fell is the central point on the fells over there, with High Seat to the left (south).

Molly High Rigg

Molly on top of High Rigg 1,163ft asl

Molly, 18 months, has visited the top of around about 65 of the Lakeland Felltops, but not the big two behind her i.e. Skiddaw (left) and Blencathra (right).

High Rigg Summiteers

Me n' Molly

Lonscale Fell

Lonscale Fell

Low Rigg is straight ahead with Tewet Tarn. Lonscale Fell owns the pointy peak on the left of the view, Great Calva is in the distance and Blease Fell (leading up to Blencathra) is on the right.

Church of St Johns in the Vale
North-Western Fells
Church of St.John's in the Vale

It is a direct route down to the church and then the return route is along the eastern flank of the fell within St.John's in the Vale.



The Way Back

Clough Head

Clough Head

Low Bridge End Farm
Low Bridge End Farm
Cooling Off


Baldrys Grasmere

Tea n' Tiffin at Baldry's, Grasmere

We passed on the self-serivce option at Low Bridge End Farm and made our way to Grasmere for the very best tea and tiffin ... in the world!

Walkers: Molly The Dog, Karen and Me.

Route: High Rigg, south to north from Smaithwaite Bridge and back along the eastern flank.

Time taken: 3hrs 30mins over a distance of about 4miles.

Weather: Dry and hot.

Refreshment Review: You must go to Baldry's Grasmere. You must not worry about the cost, enjoy the food and drinks and appreciate the value presented by the excellent fare and attentive service. Dogs welcome!

Nearly all photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2015 ©

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