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~Heptonstall Hike~

3rd November 2013



Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

NT Car Park
Bent Head Farm

A short car journey from home, up and over Widdop Moor took us on a route to Heptonstall / Hebden Bridge. On the way is a lesser-known car park for Hardcastle Crags sitting high above Hebden Dale. At last, blue skies and sunshine! Our walk followed the tarmac to Slack, not too dangerous on the narrow road, more frequented by cyclists than motorists on such Sunday afternoons.

Road Walking

The Road Walk

Tree Partners

Tree Pals

A pair of trees, one without the other would not look right.


Craggside, Widdop Road

Mount Zion Baptist Church

Mount Zion Baptist Church (out of use)

The congregation meet elsewhere just now, I can't be sure that this building will return to its intended use. The next village is called Slack and it has a small row of cottages, one end is Slack Top and t'other is Slack Bottom.

Stoodley Pike Slack Bottom
Stoodley Pike
Slack Bottom

In the distance is the notable landmark of Stoodley Pike.

Weather Watchers


As the road summits Cross Hill and begins to descend into Heptonstall, walkers have the option of a rest with a viewpoint to the southwest.


Cobbles in Heptonstall

Silver Street Heptonstall

Silver Street - a "listed" street

Townhead Tearoom

Townhead Tearoom, Heptonstall

Fab cafe! This photo was taken just after we left and the "pelaton" arrived.

Heptonstall Churches Heptonstall Church
Two Churches of Heptonstall
The Old Church

Earlier in the year, I came to Heptonstall on a very damp day in May and made a bit of a study of this churchyard, so I'm not doing the same again this time. If you get chance, come and see for yourself!

Heptonstall House

Sunny Heptonstall

Heptonstall Methodist

Heptonstall Methodist Chapel

The one with no corners, the oldest continually used Methodist Chapel .... in the world!

Leafy Lane

Leafy Lane

On the way to Lee Wood Lane, which we crossed and continued to descend into Hebden Dale. Just here it started to rain, one of two showers we encountered.


Rainbow in Hebden Dale

Lee Mill Bridge

Lee Mill Bridge


Stone Steps

To Hardcastle Crags

Having crossed the river and climbed the steps, we walked along the road to the main Hardcastle Crags car park.

Gibson Mill

Gibson Mill

We took refuge in the tearoom as heavy rain fell again. NT cafes are never going to be my favourites, too regemented and not much room for individual flair in the kitchen.


Autumn Stuff

Moss, dead leaves and fungus!


From Gibson Mill, it's a steay uphill track back to the higher car park.

Back at the Start

Walkers: Karen & Me

Route: Widdop Road, Slack, Heptonstall, Lee Wood, Hebden Dale, Gibson Mill, through the woods and back to the car.

Refreshments: Give Townhead Tearoom in Heptonstall a try! Superb food from a great menu, happy smiley people and daily takeaway meals, for those not wishing to cook when they get home.

Time taken: 3 hours 40 minutes over a distance of approx 5 miles, including two refreshment breaks!

Weather: Sunshine and showers.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2013 ©

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