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~Pendle Hill~

15th February 2013

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

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Aiken Wood

Aiken Wood

Friday afternoon and a 16:10hrs start from Downham Road.

The Steps Pendle Sunset
Up The Steps
The Stile


The Wall

The Wall

Nature's wall art. No wall, no's quite clever!

Mist Rolling In

Mist Rolling In

Misty Pendle Summit Walkers in the mist
The Summit

I delayed my walk, indeed my approach to the summit in order to get a sunset photo. But, "he who hesitates, is lost" and so it was proved. Well, not actually lost, but hidden in the newly-arrived low cloud.

Walkers: Just Me.

Time taken: 1 hours 30 minutes over a distance of about 3 miles.

Route: Roadside, up the Steps, along the wall, along to the Summit, back to the Stile and down the Steps.

Weather: Dry, a little windy on top and then the low cloud moved in and settled on top.

Greetings: A man and his dog at the summit, then the walkers in the mist and a few late ascenders.

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