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~Pendle Hill~

8th February 2013

Pendle Summit in February

Pendle Summit

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Barley, Lancashire

Barley and Blue Sky

Barley Waterworks Aiken Wood
Barley Waterworks
Aiken Wood

The walk started at 15:30hrs from Barley car park. The waterworks is slowly being converted to living units, I hesitate to use the term houses. Barley is in the shade with Aiken Wood on Stang Top Moor enjoying the later afternoon sunlight.

Lower Ogden Reservoir

Lower Ogden Reservoir

That's the cloud that was casting a shadow over me and Barley. I'm on (possibly) the quickest route to the top from Barley, which goes over Barley Hill and passes Buttock Farm.

To Pendle

To Pendle Hill

Barley Hill Pendle Routes
Barley Hill
Paths Meet

Almost at the top and the path from Barley meets the track up the side of Pendle.

Looking South West


Pendle Summit

The Summit

Pendle Sunset


The Stile

Pendle Stile

Stile and Sunset


Pendle Steps

The Steps

Descent route down the steps and off to Barley. The first sunset walk of 2013.

Walkers: Just Me.

Time taken: 2 hours 40 minutes over a distance of about 6 miles.

Route: Barley, Barley Hill, Buttock Farm, The flank route to Pendle Summit, The Steps and back over the fields to Barley.

Weather: Light breeze on the lower slopes, developing into quite a chill on the summit. Dry and a bit sunny.

Greetings: Two others on the top.

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