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~Pendle Hill~

25th December 2013

Summit of Pendle

Pendle Summit

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Pendle Hill

Maybe the best weather for Christmas Day for quite a few years. Five of us headed for Pendle Hill as part of a plan to build up appetites and allow kitchen staff more time and space to prepare the annual feast.

Christmas Runner


Cloud Shape

Vapour Trail

Is it our imagination, or could that be Santa's Sleigh heading back to Lapland? Matthew & Libby have been led to believe that there will be a gift near the summit for well-behaved children that make it to the top on Christmas Day.

Just enough snow to make snowballs.

Christmas on Pendle

Team Photo

Pendle King

Summit Seat

Christmas View


Black Moss Reservoirs

Black Moss Reservoirs

Walkers: Peter, Gary, Matthew (nephew), Libby (cousin's daughter) and me.

Time taken: 1hr 30mins over a distance of about 2.5 miles.

Route: Roadside, Steps, Summit, Track.

Weather: Sunny with a light breeze.

Greetings: Loads of folk making their way up to the top, from both Barley and the roadside.

Rewards: The children found a little present next to the rocks near the summit; some chocolates, presumably left by Father Christmas.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2013 ©

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