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19th February 2012

Pendle from Wycoller

Pendle Hill from Wycoller

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Blue is the colour, today. Sunny Sunday and the Ratcliffes walk from Laneshawbridge to Wycoller for a bite to eat.

Wycoller Fields

Wycoller Fields

It's only a mile or so from the car to Wycoller, you can park closer or you can ignore the limited access sign and drive into the village, as some muppets do. Spot The Hill.

Wycoller Hall


Spot The Panoptican

The Pack-Horse Bridge

Wycoller Pack Horse Bridge

I'm mildly disappointed; of all the times I've been to Wycolller, many more than a hundred visits, I've yet to see a Pack Horse going over the bridge, or any other type of horse for that matter.

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill from Noggarth Road

I recently submitted a photo of Pendle Hill into a competition for the new, local DFS store. I'm pleased to say that I didn't win, I really wouldn't have had time for the promotional work. I'll be taking a look to see who did, though!

Pendle Steps

The Steps

I deposited Karen at home and collected Gary for the Pendle ascent, we parked at the roadside and started at 15:35hrs.

Pendle View

Pendle View2

Pendle View3

Pendle Panorama

Pendle Stile

Sunnyday on Pendle



Gary Ratcliffe

Gary on top of Pendle

Pendle Hill

Pendle Summit

Black Moss

Black Moss Reservoirs

Barley from Pendle Hill

Barley and Barley Hill



Colne, behind Barrowford Reservoir. The bright white building is Boundary Mill, behind and to the right is Spring Garden Mill. Those with a keen eye might see a little steam or white smoke in the distance, I think that is the main chimney for Drax Power Station, near Selby.

Walkers: For Wycoller Karen & Me; and Pendle Hill: Gary R and Me.

Time taken: For Pendle Hill, 1hr 11mins. 2.5 miles and 750ft of ascent.

Route: For Pendle, roadside, up the steps, along the top and down the track.

Weather and conditions: Sunny Sunday!

Greetings Count: Lots of folk all over the place.

Richard's Refreshment Review: Wycoller Tearoom, good as usual. It's a pity that when the weather is good and the cafe gets really busy, their policy is to put up a "come back later" notice; which is not ideal. Maybe numbered tickets like at the deli counter in the supermarket would be better?


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