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~Pendle Hill~

7th February 2012

Pendle Wall

Pendle Stile

Scroll down for photos and a description of the walk....

Pendle Hill

Pendle Hill

With a start time of 15:18hrs from Barley car park, I have plenty of time for a good walk, but no expectation of a sunny sunset. Early day sunshine has given way to the low cloud that bubbled up in the early part of the afternoon.

Lower Black Moss

Lower Black Moss Reservoir

Ice covers the LBM reservoir; I've walked up past the dam from Barley village.

Black Moss Reservoirs

Black Moss Reservoirs

Having crossed the road and walked along the farm track, I aimed for the top via The Steps.

The Stile

The Stile

Pendle Walker

The Other Walker

Here is the only other walker I met on Pendle's summit. Not surprisingly, it's cold up here.

Pendle Summit

Pendle Summit

Boar Clough

To Boar Clough

I chose to head off for Boar Clough, there was a hint of brightness in the sky and the sun just might make an appearance...

Pendle Sunset

Pendle Sunshine!

Pendle Sun

Pendle Sun

For just a couple of minutes the route was open for weak sunrays to reach Pendle Hill.

Upper Ogden Reservoir

Upper Ogden Reservoir


Short-Eared Owl?

Well, it made the right noises and I'm not seeing any big ears. I think the camera flash has caused a slight reflection in one of the owl's eyes.

Walkers: Just Me

Time taken: 2hrs 22mins over a distance of about 5.5 miles. 1250ft of ascent.

Route: Barley, Lower Black Moss, across the road, The Steps, The Summit, Boar Clough, Ogden Reservoirs, Barley.

Weather and conditions: Cloudy and cold, light breeze on top.

Greetings Count: I passed one lady walker near the foot of The Steps and the one chap on top, that's all.

Big Eared Owl

who are you calling short-eared!!


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