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A gallery of webpages showing the walks and other activities enjoyed by myself, Richard Ratcliffe, Burnley, Lancs.

24th November 2016 PLEASE NOTE: Hardware / software issues have seriously affected the input to this website. I blame dark forces for constantly fixing things that aren't broken and forcing us all to "upgrade" to stuff we would be quite content without. I hope to have some new stuff soon as the legs, dog, camera and eyes are still in good order and have not been discontinued.

For anyone who is not familiar with the format of this site, the intended route for viewers is through the "Recent" folder, over there on the left. It's mostly walk reports with photos and commentary.

Moel Hebog Newsholme Train PendleSunset
Moel Hebog - North Wales
Railway Walks
Pendle ~ 36 Ascents in 2014

A short break in Beddgelert with a fantastic walk up Moel Hebog.

I've been reviewing all my Pendle Hill ascents and I am aiming to summarise each month like February, it may appear as a bit of an obsession, but so is football fanaticism and stamp-collecting - each unto their own!

Google search facility for this site, see below. I'm not a great one for viewer stats, hence no "counter" on the site.

All photos copyright Richard Ratcliffe 2009-2016 ©

Please do not reproduce or copy any content / images without permission.

If you wish to add anything ... point of view / photo / general comment, get in touch via the link on the "About Summiteer" page.

Richard Ratcliffe,


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